How does the Lucia N°03 work?

What happens in the body and brain during the application of Lucia N°03?

Anwendung der Lucia N°03

The Lucia N°03 is a neurostimulator which combines flashing and constant light in a special rhythm to target the brain waves to a special state

Activation of the pineal gland

The coordinated interplay of light and flashing penetrates the closed eyelids and can indirectly stimulate the pineal gland, which then releases DMT (dimethyltryptamine).
The pineal gland is the key to deep spiritual experiences and is also called the Third Eye.

Deep Meditation through Brainwave Entrainment

Neuroscientists have found that the brain exhibits measurable differences in brainwaves in different states of mind. They can be roughly divided into different types.

Beta waves
Beta waves cover a fast  frequency range and represent the brain waves of our everyday life.
Properties: concentration, cognition, but also stress, inner restlessness, worry, anger.

Alpha waves
Alpha waves are somewhat slower than beta waves, and occur when we are pleasantly relaxed.
Properties: relaxed, passive, calm and pleasant feeling

Theta waves
Theta waves represent the twilight state between waking and sleeping, which is also called the hypnagogic state. It is very difficult to maintain this state for a long period of time without intensive practice.
Properties: dreamlike images, hidden knowledge, inner creativity, "superlearning," deep relaxation, active subconsciousness

Delta waves

During sleep, preferably in deep sleep, our brain enters the delta range.
Properties: dreamless deep sleep, regeneration
In the electroencephalogram it was shown that the Lucia N°3 can bring the brain waves from beta to theta state and maintain them during the period of use.

Hypnagogic state

Hypnagogia occurs when the brain waves are in theta, the state between waking and sleeping consciousness. This state can also be seen as a gateway to the subconscious mind, which encompasses a much larger body of knowledge than our everyday consciousness. Visual, auditory and tactile pseudohallucinations may occur.

Physically, hypnagogia is experienced as "floating."

Lucid dreaming

A lucid dream can develop from the hypnagogic state.

In lucid dreaming, the dreamer is aware during sleep that he is dreaming and can consciously control what is happening.

Regular use of Lucia N°3 can induce the occurrence of a lucid dream, i.e. lucid dreaming.


The experience of the hypnagogic state can be seen as the fusion of creation and perception.
The viewer creates the lived experience entirely himself when using the Hypnagogic Alternator. An artistic journey into one's own dreams!

Transcendental Experience

The Lucia N°3 can enable a transcendence experience, which is otherwise only experienced under extreme conditions (e.g. in high-performance sports, through the consumption of entheogenic substances or even near death, etc.) and subsequently triggers the same positive after-effects. The experiential value is unique and the effect is intensely felt already after the first application.

Light & Brain

Typical distribution of frequencies during normal brain activity at rest.

Example of the frequency pattern during the application of the Lucia N°3

And how do these reactions of our body affect us?

The Lucia N°3 leads our brain into a state with theta waves. But how do body and psyche change through this state?

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The Lucia N°3 has already inspired many people by its uniqueness and has been featured in the press several times.

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