How the Lucia N°03 can change body & psyche

Improved health

The Lucia N°3 allows the brain to be charged with light energy, harmonizes brainwaves, and thus facilitates the possibility of self-healing.

The use of light therapy is an important factor in modern medicine in the treatment of various ailments such as sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or obsessive and mental disorders.

The inventors of the hypnagogic light machine combine the positive effects of light with the powerful properties of theta brain waves. Thus, the Lucia N°3 can allow the brain to be charged with light energy, harmonize brainwaves and thus facilitates the possibility of self-healing.

Deep relaxation, brain training and heightened awareness at the touch of a button?

Immerse yourself in consciousness with the LUCIA N°03

The application of Lucia N°3 may allow the occurrence of the following effects:

Stresslevel nachhaltig verringern

Reduction of stress & worries

Stress in everyday life has a lasting effect on body and psyche. With the Lucia N°3, the stress level can be sustainably reduced within a few minutes.

Lucia Licht Lampe

More energy

In a state of deep relaxation, the body is able to regenerate faster and more effectively, which leads to increased activity and performance in everyday life.

Lucia Licht Lampe N°3

Improved memory performance

By means of optical signals, the Lucia N°3 can stimulate the brain to move from everyday consciousness to a consciousness of heightened mental performance.

Kreativität brainwave entrainment

Boundless creativity

The subconscious becomes active and creativity is stimulated out of one's own being.

Lucia N°3 Licht Lampe

Inner Peace & Emotional Stability

Theta brainwaves stimulate the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex and activate the limbic system, which makes you feel good, secure and safe by releasing happy hormones.

Lucia N°3 Licht Lampe

Increased intuition & spiritual experiences

The same pattern of brain waves that can be measured in spiritual masters can also be measured with the application of the Lucia N°03.

Lucia N°3 Licht Lampe

Restful sleep

The use of Lucia N°03 reduces stress and stimulates the body to regenerate. This produces the  lasting effect of a better quality of sleep. 

Effective & Simple

The application of the Lucia N°03