References & Media

A wide variety of users, testers and media reports can be found around the world about the varied effects of Lucia No.03


In the world of science, describing, observing, questioning and experimenting are part of everyday life. Effects and facts are questioned and checked for their correctness.
Studies have been conducted worldwide by various researchers on various topics related to light therapies, transcendent states, as well as other interesting effects of light treatments.
You will find in this category studies that deal directly with the effects of Lucia No.03.


Hear and be heard.
The Lucia Lamp has attracted attention in various areas of the media world. In this category you can read various reports about the first applications of the Hypnagogic Light Engine.
Reading about an experience with the Lucia Lamp never replaces your own application, as every experience and approach is different. However, it represents an approximate idea of the diversity and areas of application with the Lucia No.03.


No two experiences with the Lucia lamp are alike. It depends on various factors such as intention, mood and duration. The experience report gives insight into various experiences and experiences of a unique application again.