Wellness & Spa

Exceptional luxury for an upscale clientele

An exclusive and extraordinary experience with the Lucia N°03 provides your guests with an all-senses time-out fitting for the luxury class.

Stand out from your competition and offer something extraordinary that meets the high expectations of your guests.
Set a new standard!

Hotel & Spa application

  • Offer a treatment with the Lucia N°03 that will bring your guests into a state of deep relaxation and satisfaction within a few minutes.
  • Advertise an application of this product that will elevate the brain and mind into harmony and limitless creativity.
  • A treatment with the Lucia N°03 can significantly increase the quality of sleep of your guests.
  • No treatment with the Lucia N°03 is like any other! Even with repeated use, each application is an incomparable journey into unlimited possibilities.
  • If you offer seminars with executives, Lucia N°3 can help them to unfold their own inexhaustible potential and stimulate new, previously unknown thought processes.
  • An application with the Lucia N°03 offers a new form of creative possibilities through “Neuroart,” which can be especially useful for artists and creative minds for maximum exploitation of creativity. Offer a time out in your hotel for customers who are looking for new ideas!
  • Expand your offerings in the wellness area by promoting the Lucia N*3 to cover all aspects of intense relaxation.
  • The Lucia N°03 offers another source of income that can be billed by time.
  • If your clientele includes sporty guests, you can advertise a faster regeneration of the body through a health-promoting application with the Lucia N°03.

We can promise a lot, but only those who have experienced the Lucia N°03 can attest to how well it works!
Let us convince you with a trial application!

As a company, we advise you in detail and free of charge. Let us convince you LIVE of the extraordinary effect of the Lucia N°03!

What do beauty and the Lucia N°03 have in common?

Stress causes the body's cells to age rapidly due to the permanent strain. Among other things, an increased level of the stress hormone cortisol is to blame.
This is reflected not only in mood, but also in poor skin and radiance.

People who radiate not only from the outside but also from the inside have discovered the secret of inner balance for themselves.

Deep relaxation promotes cell regeneration, reduces stress hormones, promotes the increase of positive emotions (through the release of serotonin), reduces feelings of stress and strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems.

Application of the Lucia light in the beauty area

  • Let the client enter the treatment deeply relaxed and harmonized. 
  • By activating the theta brain waves, the skin is better supplied with blood in a state of relaxation, which can have a positive effect on the skin's appearance.
  • The self-image and positive emotions can be strengthened by the application with the Lucia N°3, which can significantly increase the application success of their beauty treatment.
  • The application of Lucia N°03 can be done, for example, during the application time of a facial treatment or between individual treatments.
  • Your client can think of the time-out with Lucia N°03 as a holistic concept towards a radiant beauty and better health.
  • Lucia N°03 is a beauty treatment for body and mind alike.