Clinic & coaching

The Lucia No.03 opens completely new ways to work effectively with patients and clients. Strong effects are achieved on a physical, psychological and spiritual level!

Healthy in the light of Lucia No 3

The Lucia N°03 lamp opens completely new and holistic ways to treat their clients. It is a useful complement in the treatment of many mental and physical illnesses.

Usually, life is understood as a pursuit of moments of well-being in order to dwell there. The hypnagogic experience of light makes it possible to experience health as consciousness, which - overlaid by thinking and feeling - cannot be reduced to physical or psychological processes. Seen in this way, health can never be lost, but at most overlooked.
What one fights, resists, what one curtails, grows - what one focuses attention on is strengthened.

In treating their clients, they take advantage of the fact that the brain knows no difference between imagination and real events in essential functional areas.

Via the links they can inform themselves about the principle of operation and the resulting effects.

Application at healing professions and coaching

Often it is a rocky road with the client to get to the true cause of their problems and symptoms. Unhealthy behavior and pathological thought patterns originate in the depths of the subconscious. To work on this hidden programming of the psyche, a state of deep meditation and at the same time highest concentration is beneficial.  Access to hidden knowledge is facilitated for the client and companion alike through the application of the Lucia Light. The treatment can be more effective and the health, quality of life as well as resilience of the patients can be increased by the application of the Lucia N°03.
Through brainwave entrainment, the application of the Lucia N°03 can regulate the brain waves of highly stressed and tense clients and lead to more balance and equilibrium in everyday life.

The applications with the hypnagogic light experience enable prevention and rehabilitation in one.

Spiritual guidance

What is the true self? It is what is when all thoughts and emotions are silent and a pure, relaxed "I Am" or presence consciousness prevails.  
In a complete connection with the true self, suddenly a great deal is possible.
When working with clients on a spiritual level, a session in conjunction with Lucia N°03 is another medium to go on an unforgettable journey with the client and an incomparably powerful method to unlock the full potential of the spirit.
Shamans, energy healers and spiritual teachers worldwide complement their workshops, seminars and sessions with the Lucia N°03 to specifically activate the pineal gland, create deep meditative states and spiritual experiences, and guide their clients into a life of greater awareness and joy.

In the category "References" you will find reports from customers who offer the Lucia N°03 as a supplement in their practice.

Let us inspire you!

The hypnagogic experience of light is not a treatment or therapeutic technique, which is why it is not directed against symptoms but, as it were, bypasses them and addresses the consciousness as an ever-present health.

It must not be misunderstood as a substitute for conventional methods of treatment, although the stay in the light can certainly have a positive effect on the well-being. The dissolution of the misconception of a lost health leads to a change of attitude and thus causes an increase in the quality of life.

The technique for hypnagogic light experience is taught as an all-time skill.

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