Private application

Become the best version of yourself!

Stress factors have now become a permanent fixture in people's daily lives. Not only at work, but also in private life, Lucia N°03 helps everything to function smoothly every day.

Stress is a physiological survival strategy of Stone Age people to prepare the body for escape from a predator. Nowadays, for us humans, the tiger lurks around every corner: deadlines, meetings, family, hobbies and other commitments.
Brief periods of stress should normally be followed by a period of relaxation. The longer the phases of stress last, the more negative the effect on body and psyche.
Just as you put your body into stress mode within a very short time, you can switch off mental and physical stress with the Lucia N°3 at the touch of a button.
Stress reduction & harmony completely relaxed from home.
Without appointment - Without stress!

Create regular space to allow creativity and performance to increase with the Lucia N°3.

This can be done before tasks that require high cognitive performance or to pursue a creative activity.

Be your own teacher and rediscover your deeply hidden potential.

Let go of the everyday consciousness and go in search of your own "BEING" or the consciousness of the "I AM".

During the experience in the light, you will have the opportunity to connect with your inner source of well-being, so that you can then use this in your everyday consciousness.

With the Lucia you could experience the following and more:

  • Quick and deep relaxation
  • Reduction of worries, fears and stress
  • Feeling of inner peace and emotional stability
  • Restful sleep
  • Improved learning and performance, also called "superlearning". 
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased intuition
  • Deep emotion and strong feeling of happiness
  • A feeling of timelessness and spacelessness
  • Facilitated access to spiritual experiences
  • Release of happiness hormones with positive effects on health and longevity
  • Immerse yourself in a world of wonderful, never before seen colors and geometric shapes

Discover the practical use of the "HOME PORTAL"

The Home Portal in a classic, compact design is ideal for use in your favorite place.