Articles & Videos about the Lucia No.03

Spiegel - Science

"Does drug intoxication exist without drugs? A flickering lamp is supposed to trigger states similar to an LSD trip or a near-death experience. A Munich design professor wants to drive his students to creative peak performance with the machine."

Spiegel, 2013

"Galileo" about Lucia No.03

A report on how the meditation lamp came to be, why Munich design students work with it. You can see how the choreography of the lights unfolds. Test subjects talk about their light journeys.

BBC - Tech

"Meditation is a skill that not everyone can achieve - the ability to block out the world around you and relax, letting everything go.The makers of the Lucia No.3 light say it acts like something of a fast-track for people wanting to reach that kind of state.A pulsing, whirring light - aimed at a person's face, with closed eyes - leads to the person seeing a whirring array of colours and shapes."

BBC, 2015


"I Tested the $50 Light Treatment That Makes You Trip Balls"

by Stephanie Georgopulos, 2015

VICE - Tech

"I Don't Need Drugs, I'm High on Light, Baby"

Vice, 2012

Feature Heading 02

“I felt the light on my face, almost as if butterfly wings were fluttering around me, then as the voyage continued the constantly melding colors eventually embodied a giant electric-purple butterfly.”


Jetzt - Redaktionsblog

Colorful swirls of color and bizarre creatures: Munich design students let themselves be put into an artificial LSD frenzy for a seminar. The resulting images are now being exhibited in Munich. Three participants tell the story.

Paulina Hoffmann, 2013

More articles about the LUCIA No.03

Report on the Lucia No.03 from the perspective of the US partners 2015

Congress Lucia N°03 in Austria:
Heliotropic Breathwork by Dr. Engleburt Winkler
Lucia N°03 and Biofeedback by Dr. Dirk Proeckl
New Lucia N°03 Software 3.0 by Martin Duschek
Lucia N°03 Community Workshop by Allison Pelissier
Creation of the Lucia N°03

"Lucia & The Prisoners" - provocation but no scandal

The internationally award-winning installation artist Santiago Sierra was invited to the Donaufestival Krems. Due to his interest in neuroscience and mind control, he came across Lucia N°03 and developed a project with the Krems Prison: A wordless video in black and white "Lucia & The Prisoners", which stimulates reflection on the meaning of conventional imprisonment, was his contribution.

In it, prisoners have their individual freedom for a few minutes to break through the boundaries of imprisonment in the form of a "legal intoxication". Caused by the meditation lamp Lucia N°03.

The renowned Austrian daily newspaper "Der Standard" reported in detail in a critical discussion between art and execution. We highly recommend to read the report just because of interesting philosophical approaches. And to watch the video.

Quote from the report (Anne Katrin Feßler, DER STANDARD, 26/27.4.2014):
"This lamp has a cathartic effect," says Zierhofer-Kin. "You become less obedient to authority, but very anarchistic, very free, very self-confident," he describes the effect. "You walk on clouds afterwards." An anarchic-looking lamp in a prison? Indeed, a crazy thing. Not a "scandalous work," but a work that provokes thought."
Note: Tomas Zierhofer-Kin was director of the Danube Festival Krems at the time.

"Lucia & The Prisoners"

Lucia & The Prisoners" opens the 10th Danube Festival so reported ORF online about the internationally highly regarded festival, which has existed since 1988 and underwent a reorientation ten years ago.

The Imaginarium is in China for the first time in 2013 at "Art Beijing".

The art installation was specially made for this fair. What is special about it is that four people on a round red carpet can enjoy the light experiences at the same time. The Imaginarium is now available for events.

Art Fair London 2012 ... most unique, interactive art piece at Kinetica

Quotes: “From the very beginning we never had the feeling that we discovered, developed or even invented the Hypnagogic Light Experience. It seemed to me as though it had captured us and exploited us for its own purposes.” Dr. Engelbert Winkler said.
Louis Selsby conitnues reporting: "As an experience, Lucia No.3 certainly does exploit you. You can’t help but believe these guys Dr. Dirk Proeckl, Dr. Engelbert Winkler who tell you you’re about to experience something visionary. And you do.
It was the most unique and interesting interactive art piece at Kinetica Fair, qualities which the team behind it only heighten. Their obvious enthusiasm and complete belief in their work allowed me to let my scepticism walls fall, to believe that there could be things out there I hadn’t seen or experienced."

The believe that everybody is creative 

"... They say everyone is creative. I believe everyone is born creative, but that if you let go of it, it is much harder to get back. Those who are non-creative are known to be more rigid in their thinking; they like rules and like to stick to them. Those who are creative are more spontaneous, like to be different and break the rules – us creative’s have issues with “walls”.  ,,,,   Recently the UCA Pop Up Gallery in Chatham was host to a visit from Lucia N°03 and it’s creators: Dr. Dirk Proeckl – a neurologist and psychologist, and Dr. Engelbert Winkler – a psychologist and psychotherapist. Dr. Ernst Mussmann also joined them in the Gallery with his newly designed Vibrating chair. ... "

Hypnagogic light experience against stress - Test Magazine "My Health" 2011

Lucia N°03 was presented in the Saluscenter Zurich on the occasion of the international congress SSAAMP on 18.9.2010 in the Dolder Grand Hotel.
The first distribution partners were found in Andreas Hefel (then Hepart AG, CH) and Theodor Ott (then Procare Innomed GmbH, CH).

The magazine "Meine Gesundheit" tested the meditation lamp Lucia N°03 ... a test person reported, quote: "Now after each session I got the feeling that I had had an intense short sleep, which brought me energy and spirited away the stress pressure in my head".

Light stimulus is said to trigger meditative images in the brain - Salzburger Nachrichten 12.07.2011.

"Light stimulus should trigger meditative images in the brain" - Report in daily paper "Salzburger Nachrichten".
Light stimulus should trigger meditative images in the brain - Report in daily paper "Salzburger Nachrichten".

Innovation made in Austria Kufstein - Magazin WIA report

"Lamp opens gate to the inner world" is the contribution of the regional business magazine WIA. The public becomes aware of the Kufstein development of Dr. Dirk Proeckl and Dr. Engelbert Winkler, which won four innovation awards.

Gold medal for Lucia N°03 in Kuwait 15.11.2010.

Gold Medal Kuwait IIFME Nov 2010