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Sit under the light, close your eyes and a journey into unlimited possibilities begins!

Super charge your brain with light energy and exponentially increase your Joy!
Experience greater clarity, powerful creativity, better sleep, increased calmness and peace.

The time for change
is now!

Transform yourself
with the Lucia N°03

What is possible through the application of Lucia N°03?

Recognize - Live - Develop

Transcendental states

Completely without years of meditation practice or chemical substances, the Lucia N°03 enables a state with visual, auditory and tactile experiences. 

Expansion of consciousness

You can directly and without preparation experience states of deep meditation and expansion of consciousness. The body relaxes and unconscious ideas combine into unlimited creativity.


The brain can be enabled to reach a state of peak cognitive performance while at the same time being in deep relaxation.

Lucid dreaming

With regular use, Lucia N°03 can help induce lucid dreaming.

Anwendung der Lucia N°03

International awards

Around the world, the innovative technology of the Lucia N°03 inspires people.

Patented technology

The Lucia N°03 is the result of years of research and is unique in its combination of LED and warm light.

Let the category "Studies" convince you!


What makes the Lucia N°03 lamp unique?

Through the developers' intensive research and outstanding knowledge of the human psyche and research in the field of neuroscience, the inventors have developed a light engine that can specifically bring the brain to a higher state.
The visual impulses and the arrangement of the lights combine cutting-edge science with the experience of old masters.
This makes the Lucia N°03 unique in its field.

goldmedallie iena

Germany 2011

Gold Medal

IENA - Ideas-Inventions-
New Produkts

Kuwait 2010

Gold Medal

International Invention Fair
of the Middle East

Switzerland, 2010

Gold Medal

Salon International Des
Inventions De Genève

That's how broad the spectrum of users is:

The Lucia N°03 can be used both privately and commercially and is used by a large number of people worldwide. It is useful for all people who want to bring mental peak performance, stimulate their creativity, manage stress, activate their self-healing, transform themselves, develop their spirituality, sleep better or simply want to relax deeply.
The versatility of the Lucia N°03 makes it an innovative all-rounder.
The increasing experiences of our customers, continuously expand the range of applications of the Hypnagogic Light Engine.
Here, the company relies on open communication, transparency and constructive feedback.
Become part of our Light-Attendance Community and be inspired by the versatility of the Hypnagogic Light Experience.

The Lucia No.03 is already used in many healing professions. Whether in the field of personal development, in workshops, by alternative practitioners & other holistic healers, shamans or in the field of biofeedback.
In the meantime, even large companies have become aware of the effect of the generator and use it to promote their employees in a targeted manner.

If you want to offer your guests something very special and extraordinary, you are well advised to use the Lucia No.3. Hotels & wellness centers use the light engine to offer their customers another approach of deep relaxation and a special experience that sets them apart from the competition.
Beauty comes from within! Cosmetic studios make this knowledge their own and use the Lucia N°03 to complement external treatments.

Regardless of the provider of a Lucia N°03 treatment, you can also use the device at home.
Despite peak performance at work and at leisure, at the touch of a button you will be able to relax deeply and at the same time transform yourself into the best version of yourself.

Your business with the Lucia N°3 lamp

Versatile application

These are the references of the Luica N°03 lamp

If you are still not convinced by the Lucia N°03, let studies, our testimonials and press reports inspire you!

Studien Lucia Licht

Learn what evidence of efficacy there is about the Lucia N°03...

Users report their experiences with the Lucia N°03...

Presse Lucia Lampe

Reviews, videos and more about the Lucia N°03...

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Optimal for home use, plug and play, easy to transport. Offers the same 124 basic programs and light experience as the Lucia N°03 PRACTITIONER SYSTEM.
Compact, stylish, practical!

Price:  7.200,- €  + VAT + shipping
Prices in non-EU countries may vary due to transportation costs, import duties, currency fluctuations or similar.

lucia kopf


The upscale version of the Lucia N°03 is particularly suitable for therapists & professional users and offers customizable, comprehensive additional functions.

Price:  21.500,- €  + VAT + Shipping
Prices in non-EU countries may vary due to transport costs, import duties, currency fluctuations or similar.

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Development History of the Lucia N°03 Lamp

Learn more about the inventors of the Hypnagogic Alternator