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faq   on the   Lucia N°3

What is the Lucia N°3?

The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 is used similar to meditation to quickly enter a deeply relaxed, meditative state.
This can cause the following effects:

  • Quick and deep relaxation

  • Reduction of worries, fears and stress

  • Feeling of inner peace and emotional stability

  • Restful sleep

  • Improved learning and performance, also called "superlearning
  • Increased creativity

  • Increased intuition

  • Deep emotion and strong feeling of happiness

  • A feeling of timelessness and spacelessness

  • Easier access to spiritual experiences

  • Release of happiness hormones with positive effects on health and longevity

  • Immersion in a world full of wonderful, never before seen colors and geometric shapes

  • The light journeys are extraordinary processes of experience in the own ego, which are experienced differently from person to person.

How to apply the Lucia N°3?

During a session you sit or lie facing the Lucia N°3 while your eyes are closed and you relax. That's it!

What is the Lucia N°3 used for?

The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 is used similar to a meditation to quickly enter a meditative state.
This allows you to experience, for example, deep relaxation or a feel-good effect, or to immerse yourself in creative worlds.
The light journeys are extraordinary processes of experience in one's own self, which are experienced differently from person to person.

What are the alternatives to the Lucia N°3

The Lucia N°3 is the first meditation lamp of its kind and was researched and developed by the developers for years. It uniquely combines warm light of the halogen lamp and the light spectrum of LEDs. Pure LED lamps, as used by imitators, cannot imitate the warm light of the halogen lamp. This particularly effective combination is patented and is not used in any other product.

Where can I purchase a Lucia N°3?

You can buy the Lucia N°3 through this homepage. Just fill out the contact form and get advice by phone or directly from us on site.

Where can I try the Lucia N°3?

You are welcome to contact us via the contact form and we will find a provider suitable in your area for you. If you not only want to try the meditation lamp, but also buy, we will be happy to come with the Lucia N°3 personally by them and advise you comprehensively.

Is the application of Lucia N°3 safe?

Yes. The Lucia N°3 is completely safe for the body and the eyes, provided that the eyelids are closed. If the session becomes too intense, you can put your hand in front of your eyes or tell the light guide to stop the session.

For whom is the Lucia N°3 suitable?

The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 Practitioner System is used both in private and professional context. The meditation lamp is suitable for all users over 18 years of age who are in good general, physical and mental health. The Lucia N°3 is unsuitable for people who are explicitly mentioned in the point "Reasons for exclusion".

What is a hypnagogic light experience?

The Hypnagogic state of consciousness is defined as being between wakefulness and sleep, as everyone knows it.
The essence and goal of the Hypnagogic Light Experience is to dwell in the carefreeness and beauty of an eternal NOW.
Lucia N°03 induces the Hypnagogic Light Experience, which can lead to other states of consciousness quickly, legally and without psychedelic substances.

How long does a session with the Lucia N°3 last?

An average session lasts between 20 and 50 minutes.

What is the ideal duration for a session with the Lucia N°3?

You can determine for yourself what time is a suitable length for you, it depends on how you feel. Light applications can take any length in one session, but the recommended maximum is up to two hours. A particularly pleasant session can be restarted immediately.

Is the light really only white when using the Lucia N°3?

Yes! Through light from white LEDs and white halogen bulbs, which falls on your closed eyes with a special frequency. The resulting stimulated pineal gland and calmed brain frequency allows you to experience an incredible visual light journey. This completely unique experience is individual for everyone and usually includes unimaginable colors and geometric patterns as well as shapes of fantastic beauty.

Is the experience the same for every application and every user?

No, the experience is different for everyone. Even if you do the same application twice, each session will be different!

General questions

What is Brainwave Entrainment?

Neuroscientists have found that the brain exhibits measurable differences in brainwaves during different states of mind. Brainwave entrainment refers to the brain's ability to synchronize its current frequencies with an external stimulus. Brainwave entrainment can be auditory, tactile or visual to stimulate the brain. Auditory stimulation can be achieved by binaural or isochronous tones, drums and singing bowls, which have a special rhythm. Since humans react very strongly to visual stimuli, the Lucia N°3 uses this ability of the brain to bring it into a state of expanded consciousness and deep meditation.  In the electroencephalogram, it has been shown that the Lucia N°3 brings the brain waves from beta to theta state and maintains them over the period of use.
The brain waves can be roughly divided into different types.

Beta waves
They cover a fast frequency range and represent the brain waves of our everyday life.
Properties: concentration, cognition, but also stress, inner restlessness, worry, anger.

Alpha waves
Are somewhat slower and occur when we are pleasantly relaxed.
Properties: Relaxed, passive, calm and pleasant feeling.

Theta waves
Are a twilight state between waking and sleeping, also called hypnagogic state. It is very difficult to maintain this state for a long period of time without intensive practice.
Properties: dreamlike images, hidden knowledge, inner creativity, "superlearning", deep relaxation, active subconscious mind.

Delta waves
During sleep, preferably deep sleep, our brain enters the delta region.
Properties: dreamless deep sleep, regeneration

What is a hypnagogic state?

Hypnagogia occurs when the brain waves are in theta, the state between waking and sleeping consciousness. This state can also be seen as a gateway to the subconscious mind, which encompasses a much larger body of knowledge than our everyday consciousness. Visual, auditory and tactile pseudohallucinations may occur. Physically, hypnagogia is experienced as "floating". The Lucia N°3 brings the body into a state of hypnagogia through constant flickering light.

How can you hace a lucid dream?

A lucid dream, also called a lucid dream, develops from the hypnagogic state. In a lucid dream, the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming and can consciously control what is happening. There are now numerous instructions and tips on the Internet to learn lucid dreaming. The regular use of Lucia N°3 can induce the occurrence of a lucid dream, that is, lucid dreaming, without having to practice or perform certain practices regularly beforehand.

What is NeuroArt?

Art offers a possibility to dive into the freedom of the mind.
The experience of art in the context of the application of the hypnagogic light machine gives the viewer an experience that is generated entirely by himself. Lucia N°03 technology makes it possible to create art anew every moment and to enjoy it at the same time. The viewer is the artist at the same time:
Creation and perception unite.
Without borders, travelers as artists enter the imaginarium of their dreams.
The "Traveller Unlimited Road Show" opens a portal wherever it is desired.

What is a transcendental experience?

Roughly speaking, a transcendence experience refers to the crossing of a certain material, worldly boundary to spiritual detachment and a loss of the feeling of space and time.
The Lucia N°3 enables a transcendence experience, as it is otherwise only experienced under extreme conditions (e.g. in high-performance sports, through the consumption of entheogenic substances or even near death, etc.) and subsequently triggers the same positive after-effects. The experiential value is unique and the effect is intensely felt already after the first application.

How can I learn to meditate?

Meditation is a combination of breathing techniques and mindfulness or concentration exercises. The goal is to achieve a state of deep harmony and tranquility, as well as an expansion of their own consciousness.

To achieve deep meditation, there are a variety of exercises such as breathing techniques and relaxation and mindfulness exercises. Meditation must be practiced regularly, preferably daily, and requires a certain amount of discipline.

The Lucia N°3 is used to quickly enter a meditative state. This allows you to experience, for example, deep relaxation, expansion of consciousness, a sense of harmony and peace, and a dissolution of time and space.

What is a hypnagogic light experience?

This term was first defined by Dr. Engelbert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proeckl:
Lucia N°03 is a computer-controlled lamp system developed in Tyrol, which acts on the brain and subsequently on consciousness with constant and pulsed light stimuli. The resulting hypnagogic state (between sleep and wakefulness) is comparable to that of deep meditation.

How can I activate the pineal gland?

The pineal gland is activated by states of deep meditation, various breathing techniques and sunlight. Important for activation is the discharge of toxins accumulated in the pineal gland, such as fluoride. The coordinated interplay of light and flashing through the Lucia N°3 penetrates the closed eyelids and indirectly stimulates the pineal gland, which then releases DMT (dimethyltryptamine).
The pineal gland is the key to deep spiritual experiences and is also called the Third Eye.

How can I detoxify the pineal gland?

The pineal gland is located in the center of the brain. It is light receptive and is called the bridge to higher consciousness. In most adults, the pineal gland is calcified by toxins such as fluorides, heavy metals in dental fillings or seafood, bromides, prestizides in food, stabilizers in fast food, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, etc.
One of the functions of the pineal gland is to perceive white light through closed eyes. The quality and quantity of light that reaches the pineal gland is decisive for the intensity of tangible pleasure, the release of harmonizing hormones and the regulation of the sleep-wake rhythm.
The Lucia N°3 is not a medical treatment or therapeutic tool. However, by using Lucia N°3 it is possible to activate the pineal gland and theta brain waves, which can stimulate self-healing and thus lead to improved health and well-being, as well as better sleep and vital energy.


     Here is what you should consider before going on a light trip or making a purchase

In rare cases, flashbacks may occur after altered states of consciousness. The use of Lucia N°03 is exclusively at your own responsibility. Children and adolescents, pregnant women and persons with a stroboscopic intolerance, e.g. due to mental illness (psychoses, anxiety disorders, etc.) or medical problems such as a tendency to seizure disorders (epilepsy, etc.) are to be excluded from the use in any case.
Light journeys with the meditation lamps Lucia N°03 may only take place in the presence of another person who has been informed about the safety regulations and can provide first aid or call for help in the event of an unexpected incident.


The meditation lamp Lucia N°03 is not a medical device.
Therefore, the meditation lamp Lucia N°03 is not intended for the following purposes:
Diagnosis, treatment, alleviation or prevention of any disease; in case of disorder or abnormal physical condition or any of these symptoms in humans or animals; Restoration, alteration or correction of the body structure or functioning of any part of the body of humans or animals.

Recommendation: We recommend a trial session first to anyone interested, because only self-experience can awaken the understanding of Lucia N°03. Trial sessions are possible in many places and countries with our Light Attendants and Distributors.

Exclusion criteria for the application of the Lucia N°3

Persons under 18 years of age
Make sure that the device is never used by persons before the age of 18. The brain is at different stages of development during childhood and adolescence. At some developmental stages, there is an increased risk of triggering an epileptic seizure.

Pregnant women
Pregnant women are excluded from the application, because it is not possible to make any statements about the effect on the unborn child.

Persons with stroposcope intolerance

If you yourself or another person have a stroposcope intolerance or a tendency to epilepsy, do not use the device under any circumstances. The individual sessions (light sequences) are programmed to produce intense flickering light, which promotes epileptic seizures.

Persons with mental illness
Be careful not to use by people with mental illnesses such as psychosis, anxiety disorders. The effect could be amplified and uncontrollable reactions could be the result. Clarify the use of the device with the doctor / physician of your confidence before use.

Consumption of alcohol, drugs, medication
If you are in a different state of consciousness than normal due to alcohol or drug consumption, do not use the device. The effect could be increased and uncontrollable reactions could be the result. If you are taking medication, check with your trusted doctor before using the device.

Sleep deprivation
If you are extremely sleep deprived, you will be in a different state of consciousness than usual. Do not use the device in such situations.

Only use the device if you are physically and mentally in a good condition. If you allow third parties to use the device, make sure that they do so voluntarily. Never push a person. Be sure to advise the person of any potential risks. Make sure that no reasons for exclusion apply to this person. If necessary, have the person sign to confirm that he or she has been informed by you before a session.

First epileptic seizure
Even if you have never had any indication of epilepsy, an epileptic seizure may occur suddenly and unpredictably. The likelihood of a sudden seizure is very small, but it cannot be ruled out. Basically, an epileptic seizure can be caused by different events in daily life. Find out more about this from your trusted doctor.
The use of flickering light, however, increases the risk of a first-time epileptic seizure.

Only use the device if there is another person in the immediate vicinity who could provide assistance if necessary. Make sure that this person is not subject to any grounds for exclusion and has been informed by you of the possible risks of use. Instruct the person what to do in an emergency (see Emergency Measures).

In rare cases, unpredictable convulsions may occur in connection with deep trance states due to the pulsed light. Convulsions are convulsions associated with shaking or jerking movements of a body part or the entire body. Convulsions can be mild to severe. A person may be unresponsive in this state.

In rare cases, unpredictable flashbacks may occur in connection with deep trance states due to the pulsed light. Find out about this from your trusted doctor.
A flashback is a psychological phenomenon. It is a sudden re-experiencing or reverberation memory caused by a key stimulus. The affected person then has a sudden, usually powerful re-experiencing of a past experience or earlier emotional states.