Lucia No.03 and healing potential?

Altered states of consciousness such as deep trance, experiencing strange worlds of form and color, spacelessness and timelessness, or dissociative states of consciousness in general have great healing potential. Even conventional medicine and the WHO (World Health Organization) are increasingly reflecting on this ancient knowledge.

Current international studies confirm the healing potential of such states of consciousness, whereby these are mostly triggered by psychedelic substances.

However, these substances are difficult to handle, illegal and dangerous for the user. Some can produce physical as well as psychological addictions.

A study conducted in 2015 by the University of Sussex proves that the hypnagogic light experience using Lucia N°03 allows absolutely comparable states of consciousness as psychedelic substances.

At the same time, thanks to Lucia N°03, the hypnagogic light experience is controllable, legal and therefore safe to use. Completely without the danger of addictions!

... Creativity research shows that through extraordinary states of consciousness, entrenched thought patterns can be abandoned and openness for new approaches is created. ...

- Study participants -


Regarding the proof of effect and spectrum of Lucia N°03, we note that in the patented meditation device Lucia N°03, extensively researched techniques such as flickering light are combined with new light technologies such as LED and halogen light sources.

Dr. David Schwartzman (2015)

The presentation of the study on neuroconnectivity by Dr. David Schwartzman and his team by Ashley Ward (Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK) could clearly confirm that the Lucia N°03 is able to effectively induce a dissociative state of consciousness that forms the basis of mystical or transpersonal experiences and insights.

Dr. Ralph Buchner (2014)

This qualitative study showed a demonstrable, positive effect on the creativity or problem-solving behavior of test subjects through the use of the Lucia N°03. The students of the Faculty of Design explored the possibilities of inspiration and stimulation through light experiences with the Lucia N°03 in individual design projects in the fields of illustration, photography, character design, environmental design as well as transportation design.

Further information

Recently, there has been increasing evidence, both from the field of application of Lucia N°03 and from scientific research, that depressive disorders can be successfully influenced by flickering light treatments. A corresponding study with Lucia N°03 is in preparation.

... The fact that new creative solutions are made possible through light experiences seemed to be confirmed after the first sessions: "After the session, I drew three pages of character sketches in just a few minutes," said one character design student. An industrial design student discovered that he suddenly perceived the issues that preoccupied him from a different perspective. And an illustration student noted, "I was free to do something new, had a creative boost, and drew all afternoon after the Lucia session"

- Study participants -