Lucia Light Trailer

Sarah, who has been diagnosed with GAD (general anxiety disorder) discusses
her experience with the Lucia N3. "I feel joy and happiness and calm... made me smile and giggle"

Andy, a musician in LA, discusses before and after his experience with the Lucia.
"The most beautiful images started showing up and changing so quickly.
Each one of them was a crazy masterpiece of sacred geometry and color...
I've never seen anything like that... There's no room for thought".

Sonja, discusses her first experience with the Lucia N3. "Blissed out!"

Mariah, a yoga instructor discusses her first experience with the Lucia N3.
"Blissed out" - "What you see is who you are. You see yourself in the light"

Joe discusses his first experience with the Lucia N3.
"I feel like I just got 8 hours of sleep, I feel very relaxed"

Elizabeth discusses her first experience with the Lucia N3.
"It distracts you back to the present"

John discusses his first experience with the Lucia N3.

Nanci discusses her first experience with the Lucia N3.

Dr. Engelbert Winkler & Dr. Dirk Proeckl speak about the Art and Science of Lucia No.3

Anthony Peake reaction to Lucia No.3


" I just want to say what an amazing time I had on the Lucia machine today. When I think about the experiences of the patterns and forms being generated that I was experiencing, it continues to leave me dumbstruck and I've noticed that it as allowed me creativity to flow more freely while I was sitting doodling in a café half an hour later. Many thanks and I look forwards to my next visit. "

Dom, London


" I would just like to thank you guys for an amazing and singular experience. Looking at it from the outside, it seems so unassuming, but inside.... Tripping the light fantastic through my suddenly kaleidoscopic mind. Never have I seen such colors and shapes and textures, and the feeling I walked away with was nothing short of breathtaking.So yeah, thanks again! "

Natasha, Boston


" During my sessions, I was able to subconciously recall powerful emotive images and memories as well as create a fantastic amount of colours and patterns. Thank you so much for increasing the vividity of my dreams and reminding me of some of the visual and conceptual ideas that I thought were lost somewhere in my mind. "

Ashar, London


" I had been stressed all week at work - 30 minutes on the Lucia No.3 completely relaxed me and amazingly I had a completely new outlook on my work prospects. I can't explain it but what I will say is WOW! "

Michael, London


" Thank you for your welcoming positive vibes and also of course, for the introduction to Lucia. Wow! Close your eyes, relax and allow her take you into another level of visuals on a trip into another reality of kaleidoscopic colour explosions and geometric patterns. Everyone needs an introduction to Lucia! – thank you for making her so accessible to us. It was beautiful experience and I am greedy for more. I think I was a moth in a previous life. "

Laura, Brighton


" I experienced this last week, Unexpected finding, superb and considered explanation, friendly, intelligent and above all unique. Try it! I promise you that after closing your eyes, "darkness" will never feel quite the same again! (except only for the nicest reasons)."

Marcus, London


" The light bathed me in a steady stream of white doves, vitamins and minerals seeping into the skin on my face. I wondered if this was the end of the session. The light stayed bright, not strobing but warming me. I thanked the colours for appearing to me, said my goodbyes and enjoyed the sunshine. Then it began again. I reveled. Cracks of universe end in marbled smatters were curtailed by absolute black, obscured by smoke and energy. An eye in the center of my vision opened its blue lids and shared its gaze. An anatomical appreciation of the goddess' eye took place at the universes end. "

Thomas, Kent